I help people of all ages develop a healthy – and playful – relationship with their singing and speaking voice.

My students learn to sing and speak with a natural authenticity – a solid tone, an easy breath and a simple, open-hearted presence.


My teaching philosophy:

if it’s not play, it’s not working.



Fun-sized help. Free delivery.

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My students include professionals who want to feel at ease when speaking in front of a group

adults who have always wanted to sing or just want to sing more confidently — to serenade their sweetheart, sing in a band, audition for a musical

teachers who sing with children and children who love to sing

religious leaders who want to sing well in front of their congregations

caregivers and healers who want to incorporate healthy singing into a daily spiritual practice


Together, we’ll find a way for you to sing
what you want to sing,

say what you want to say, easily and well.