I help people of all ages develop a healthy – and playful – relationship with their singing and speaking voice.

My students learn to sing and speak with a natural authenticity – a solid tone, an easy breath and a simple, open-hearted presence.


My teaching philosophy: if it’s not play, it’s not working.

I hired Michele to help me find my true voice, not simply a mimicry of someone else. At the time I first started working with Michele I simply wanted to be able to sing better than I did; I felt I wasn’t a singer and was, in essence, faking it because I didn’t have the richness or subtlety I heard in other singers’ voices. I learned not only the technical aspects of what makes my voice sound richer and fuller but also how to interpret a song and present it with my own style. I became far more appreciative of what I could do with my voice and less critical of what I did not have as a “star” vocalist. Michele’s ability to find creative approaches to studying music, finding the inherent structure in music and building a cohesive approach to a song have proven invaluable. Think you can’t sing? Go see Michele. Think you can sing? Same recommendation. The experience is tremendously rewarding. – Zô

No matter your age, your voice is serious business. It’s been with you since birth. It’s as unique as your palm print.

My job as a voice teacher is to help you use your body well, so you can make the best sound you can, in the healthiest way possible.

“Best” doesn’t mean “good enough for [glitzy something or other].”

“Best” doesn’t mean better than anyone else.

“Best” means the freest, most efficient and most complete sound your body can make, over the widest possible range, with the greatest ease. It’s a sound you might not have heard yet.

“Best” means the best you.