From Silent to Singing Recap

Five days of email lessons
+ Five daily live streams
= One week to uncover your confidence and move From Silent to Singing.


In April 2017, I taught an online course for the very first time, and here are the archived live streams from it.

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Thanks so much for making more time for singing in your life!

Lesson One
1:10 Administrative details
2:10 Doing scary things
2:46 Singing is a fundamentally physical activity
3:46 What is singing for?
5:13 The big hurdle between us and singing well
8:03 The world desperately needs more health

Lesson Two
0-0:45 waiting for the live stream to start
0:45 The equipment for singing comes pre-installed
2:15 I’m a firehose of a teacher
3:00 Head voice/Chest voice demonstrated
8:04 On being in tune
8:20 Practicing means finding time to be alone
11:05 On free-flowing air
15:20 Water exercises
17:25 The face for singing
18:45 Spacious hum

Lesson Three
0:40 You’re not behind.
1:41 Simple hum + why nasal sounds aren’t bad.
4:10 Hum with jaw movement
5:12 How we hear ourselves, including a digression about the pubescent voice change
7:18 How we hear ourselves (con’d) –changing the shape of your mouth changes how you sound to yourself.
10:14 mmmmAHHHHmmmm
12:01 There isn’t a perfect mouth position for singing – developing a jaw that’s more willing to move.
14:04 The missing graphic in the email.
14:50 Voice gets tired – tension from our speech habits can make singing difficult – a couple of examples.
19:52 Humming with the back of the tongue.

Lesson Four
1:14 The voice is a survival mechanism
2:53 Singing involves a balance of forces
5:15 What private lessons are for
7:37 Consistency, NG demonstrated
15:46 Tuning

Lesson Five
1:21 Takeaways from this week
5:00 Making your Sing List
8:04 Practice makes better
11:47 What’s next