I don’t know what I should sing

You should sing whatever you are moved to sing, really.

If you’re coming for a first lesson with me, bring whatever feels easy, real and true. If that’s just yourself, that’s just fine.

If you’d like to add more singing to your life, start by making a Sing List.

Search your heart for the songs that are full of love and healing for you. Maybe these are songs that were sung to you as a child. Maybe one is a chant you learned on a yoga retreat. Maybe there’s a song that just poured out of you at a time of unbearable grief, or inspired joy.

This is your Sing List: a list of songs that have healed, held or helped you. These are songs that call you to your best, or calmest, or most loving self. These are songs that restore your soul, that you can sing (or learn to sing) yourself.

Playlists are great, and this is not a playlist.

Take a deep breath.

Whose voice do you hear?

What are they singing?


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