My goal is to help you use a free and natural voice
to express yourself in the world.

I offer private lessons for adults and children. Private singing lessons can help you sing with ease, without running out of breath, sound like yourself and like what you sound like, take better care of yourself and your body – you are a good gift.

Lessons include all kinds of vocalizing, a lot of play, and also music theory and ear training, when that would be interesting or helpful for you. After each lesson you’ll take home notes covering the exercises we explored, trouble spots we addressed, discoveries we made, and suggested homework.

I provide additional materials as necessary, including sheet music, lead sheets, transpositions, and worksheets to help you develop your own interpretation of a song. You’re welcome to record your lessons if that helps your learning, as long as we agree that your recordings are only for your personal use.

I hired Michele to help me find my true voice, not simply a mimicry of someone else. At the time I first started working with Michele I simply wanted to be able to sing better than I did; I felt I wasn’t a singer and was, in essence, faking it because I didn’t have the richness or subtlety I heard in other singers’ voices. I learned not only the technical aspects of what makes my voice sound richer and fuller but also how to interpret a song and present it with my own style. I became far more appreciative of what I could do with my voice and less critical of what I did not have as a “star” vocalist. Michele’s ability to find creative approaches to studying music, finding the inherent structure in music and building a cohesive approach to a song have proven invaluable. Think you can’t sing? Go see Michele. Think you can sing? Same recommendation. The experience is tremendously rewarding. – Zo

Getting Started

It’s January 2016, and my teaching schedule is very full. I don’t currently have any weekly after school or weekend times available for children and youth. Often lesson times will open up in May and June, if not earlier. I’m sorry for the wait! If you’d like to be on my waiting list, please share your contact information with me here:
Waiting List

Adult singers, please tell me more about yourself by filling out the form below, and I’ll be in touch to see if our availabilities agree.
Adult Intake Form

How Many Lessons? How Often?

If you are “starting from scratch” or have a long-time vocal habit to change, it may take four to six months of lessons (and practicing) before you hear reliable progress. Weekly lessons are invaluable and for many people, simply not possible. If we decide to work together, we’ll set up a regular lesson schedule that’s compatible with your life and learning goals.

It can be useful to come for more lessons early on, since frequent encouragement and controlled repetition make changes easier and more likely. Everyone is a little bit different. There is a path to get you where you want to go. We’ll find it.

Rates (effective 2/1/2016)

50-minute Adult Singing/Speaking Lessons

$295 for three
$595 for six
$895 for nine

I accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards, and Paypal.


Singing well is an act of self care
that directly improves the lives of others.