Maybe if we had needed to learn to speak,
we all would have starved.

A newborn cries out, announces herself. “I’m Here!” she shouts to the world, or, maybe she’s really saying, “Why is it so cold now?!” “Whose idea was this?” “Where am I?” We don’t know. But she keeps crying out, for food, for love, for comfort, for companionship. We respond. She notices how we respond. She notices that we make noises, too, though maybe not so loudly. She begins to imitate us, and we imitate her. We babble and coo, helping her to find her way to language, or at least, to a language that we know. This is how we learn to speak.

So why would we ever want lessons?

Perhaps you’re being called on to give presentations to larger and larger audiences. You notice that you don’t sound like yourself anymore. Your voice is getting tired.

You’ve been told all your life to “project!” and you’re ready to explore what that means.

Your voice has started to fail you – when you have something important to say, you either can’t find the words or you can’t make a sound.

You know there’s more you could be doing – with your life, in your career, for the greater good – and you suspect your voice has something to do with it.

I went to Michele for some voice lessons and she was fabulous! She helped me to be a better communicator by teaching me how to control my vioce when I get nervous, and even how to deal with being nervous in the first place. I’m the least musical person in the world, but I really enjoyed my classes and was able to pick up on a few musical learnings along the way. I started doing a few singing lessons near the end of my time with Michele, and I really loved those as well. I would highly highly recommend her for any sort of voice/communication/ singing lessons – she was really great! – Sarah

In four introductory lessons, I can show you how to

  • release unnecessary tension that makes speaking harder than it needs to be
  • connect with your breath and a grounded sense of yourself
  • speak louder or softer without feeling like you’re shouting or whispering
  • apply what you’ve learned, so you can make lasting changes on your own.

The cost of these four lessons is $395.

Please tell me more about yourself by clicking the button below and filling out the form, and I’ll be in touch to see whether our availabilities agree.

You and Speaking


    On-going weekly, bi-weekly or monthly support is an option, too.
    Together, we’ll make a plan that works toward your goals and fits your schedule.