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What to do with Grief and Other Big Feelings with Michelle Favreault
Why I Can't Wait to Hear You
I Want to Save You Some Time
Why It's So Hard to Change How You Sound
Me and Performance Anxiety

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A Good Breath for Singing is a Great Breath for Life

If you find yourself needing to feel calmer, more grounded, more like yourself, I’m pretty sure that taking a breath as if you’re about to sing (even if you’re not) will help.

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What to Do When You’re Phlegmy

Phlegm happens. That sticky, goopy, icky stuff that makes you feel like you can’t clear your throat. Here’s what helps me (spoiler alert: it’s about daily maintenance).

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Getting Out of a Vocal Funk

In late February and early March 2020, I had a horrible cough, fever, sore throat, the works. I was just starting to feel like a person again when the shelter-in-place started. With everybody home all the time, in various stages of whatever, and the world upended, I fell into a vocal Funk like none I’ve ever known.

Yes, you can sound better!

Four exercises to help you sound stronger, calmer and more grounded
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