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Few things make me happier than the annual return of major league baseball. This year, as the season gets into full swing, I’ve been thinking a lot about baseball and the role failure plays in getting better at a skill. Like singing or speaking in public, hitting a fastball is a mental exercise as much as a physical one. Trying, missing, and trying again is a key part of releasing the anxiety that makes the whole thing harder. Let’s talk about what America’s pastime can teach us as we work to find your voices. 

My video essay on feeling fear and finding the courage to perform in unfamiliar circumstances.

Michèle Voillequé is a singer and a voice teacher living in Berkeley, California. 

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Our music is thanks to Katya and Ada.

The show is edited by K.O. Myers at Particulate Media.


A transcript of this episode is available at <a href=""></a>.

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