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Harmonizing isn’t about “getting along”

Harmonizing – when it comes to music – isn’t about “getting along.”

It’s not about giving in so that someone else can have it their way.

It’s not about denying that you have a preference when in fact you do.

It’s not about accepting you’re not the center of the universe.

To harmonize effectively, we each need to feel solidly centered in ourselves so that our differences can be fully revealed and celebrated.

In music, different parts exist to complement one another. Difference is why music works. It’s what makes something exciting, moving, comforting, beautiful.

Harmony is audible difference.

It’s that difference that heals your heart, moves your feet, lights up your mind.

Harmonizing is not about “getting along.”

Yes, it’s important to listen to each other.

Yes, we should agree on a tempo.

Yes, we should make eye contact.

But unless and until we learn to lean into our differences, the sound will disappoint.

Next week, I’m teaching a group class in my Berkeley living room for the first time in forever.

You should come if

  • you want to work on feeling fully alive and at home in your own body.
  • you want to learn to trust yourself just a little bit more.
  • you’re open to surprise.
  • you want to feel yourself grow.

We’ll be a small group. Read more about it here.

I hope you can join us!

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