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My name is Michèle Voillequé and
I can’t wait to hear you.

Your voice is one of a kind.

No one throughout all of time will ever sound like you because your body is one of a kind. Even if you’re a twin, your voice is unique to you.

If singing or speaking doesn’t feel or sound the way you’d like, we should talk.

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Yes, you can sound better!

Four exercises to help you sound stronger, calmer and more grounded
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When using our voice feels awkward or forced, it’s usually because we’re either
not using the body well,
we’re scared sh*tless,
or both.

The good news is that using the body well is a skill, not a talent.
Emotional self-regulation is a skill, not a talent.
Singing beautifully, speaking effectively – first and foremost, these are skills, not talents.

You can feel and sound better – even in stressful situations
you just need to know how.

That’s where I come in – to help you make the best sound you can, in the healthiest way possible,
with the greatest amount of ease. Whether you’re a total beginner or have been
singing and presenting for years, if you’re thinking,
I think this could be better,you’re probably right. Let’s talk.

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I’ve been so excited to learn that I had the capacity to sound so much better than I used to. It’s also so helpful to know proper singing posture, because it helps my posture in the rest of my life.


After just a few lessons with Michele, I have more confidence in both my speaking and my singing voice and am a more effective communicator.


I like that the lessons are really in the moment. You’re not trying to lay some preconceived trip on me, but you’re watching and listening and sussing out what my intention is with what I’m singing, and responding to that with very astute observations.


Michele helped me to be a better communicator by teaching me how to control my voice when I get nervous, and even how to deal with being nervous in the first place.

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Privacy Policy: We hate spam so we promise to keep your email safe.