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Vocal Remedies that Really Work

What should you take when your throat feels scratchy, phlegmy or just plain awful? Science has an answer for you! Listen in to learn what the research says about honey, lemon, ginger and a host of other remedies. I also share what works for me, including some of my favorite recipes. 

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I throw things at my students

Well, we throw things back and forth. It helps more sound to come out of the body.

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How we sound to ourselves isn't how we sound to everyone else!

Play along at home as we conduct a science experiment! If you’ve ever hated the sound of your recorded voice, this video is for you. You’ll want to listen without headphones to get the most benefit.

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Confidence, How-to, Podcast, Vocal health
Episode 26: How to Make Progress When You're Not Feeling Well
When you’re sick, using your voice can be painful, and even dangerous. I want you to know that it's okay to be to put your feet up, but if you are sick, and you're scared that you're losing time, there is always something you can do.
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Change, Podcast, Vocal health
Episode 25: Geeking Out about the Voice with Michèle and Matthew
Today, my friend Matthew and I geek out about the parallels between voice teaching and rehabilitating from brain injury. I hope you find them as fascinating as we do!
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Change, How-to, Podcast
Episode 24: The Only Way to Improve is to Embrace Failure
Few things make me happier than the annual return of major league baseball. This year, as the season gets into full swing, I’ve been thinking a lot about baseball and the role failure plays in getting better at a skill.
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Confidence, How-to, Podcast
Episode 23: Harmony Singing Q & A
This one is for all my singers out there. (Don’t worry, speakers, I’ll be back for you soon.) Many of my students are either singing in groups or are hoping to get into a group situation, so they’re nervous about blending in with other voices.
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Harmonizing isn't about "getting along"
Harmonizing – when it comes to music – isn't about "getting along."It's not about giving in so that someone else can have it their way.It's not about denying that you have a preference when in fact you do.It's not about accepting you're not the center of the universe.To harmonize effectively, we each need to feel solidly centered in ourselves so that our differences can be fully revealed and celebrated.
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Episode 22: When Death is Near
When death is near, music can comfort us: it can ease our pain, it can help us grieve. Songs can transport us back in time to a summer picnic, a winter fireplace, the road trip to grandma’s, and to so much dancing!
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Change, How-to, Podcast
Episode 21: Biden and Britt and How Your Face Affects Your Sound
President Biden’s State of the Union address and Senator Katie Britt’s response demonstrate how facial expression, posture, setting, and other choices can radically change the way your voice sounds, and how hard you have to work to project it. Let’s talk about how their techniques can inform your voice practice.
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Change, How-to, Podcast, Vocal health
Episode 20: Should I Copy Someone Else's Voice?
Should I listen to other voices to try to sound better? Should I model my speaking or singing after somebody else's? Should I try to copy other people? Should I try to copy the voices that I like, and will that help me sound better, faster?Like my answer to most things, my answer to this one, too, is “yes and no.”

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